Growing up as an overweight saxophone player, I moved to New York from Seattle in 2005 to initially pursue a career in music.

Shortly after making the cross-country move, I realized my lifestyle and unhealthy choices were having a severe negative impact on my overall health.

One day, I took a look in the mirror and said one word: Enough.

I made the promise to myself to become better, and embarked upon a personal fitness quest - successfully losing over sixty pounds.

My transformation was both a physical and mental experience, empowering newfound feelings of gratitude, perseverance, empathy and grit - all inspiring me to become a certified personal trainer.

Musicians and fitness trainers both share a common bond - the ability to influence the way people feel in a positive and emotionally uplifting way.

Through time, the two passions converged, and the concept of "Musician Fitness Trainer” came to fruition.

With a professional personal training career spanning over 15 years, I'm grateful to have helped hundreds of clients (both in-person and online) surpass their fitness goals, while greatly improving their overall quality of life through creative accountability, communication and consistency.

Musically, I'm regularly performing saxophone in and around New York City with multiple “top 40” corporate event bands, small and large jazz ensembles, as well as frequently recording as a freelance studio musician.